Demo Policy

Red Grape Music – demo policy

Please take a listen to our current artist roster BEFORE sending us any links so you know what we respond to best.    Send us a link to your SoundCloud or YouTube account as well as your website and tell us a bit about what you’ve done so far.  We don’t need a long essay on your influences but a quick round up of activity so far would be handy. Please DO NOT send MP3s as attachement as your email will get deleted and your name will be mud.

We do click through to every link we receive and we listen to every band/artist who gets in touch. If we think we can work with you we’ll give you a call.  At the moment we’re very busy with the acts already on the roster so to be absolutely honest we’re unlikely to be taking on any more artists in the next few months.  However, we have been known to surprise ourselves when we find something we think is amazing.

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