Peggy Seeger Everything Changes


Peggy Seeger’s new album Everything Changes.  Release date 1st September 2014.  Signed copies available – please make a note on your order if you would like a signed copy.


In her 80th year, Peggy Seeger – folk queen, feminist icon, political activist, eco-warrior, muse – releases her 24th and probably finest solo album.  Signed copies can be ordered here and will be dispatched direct from Peggy herself.

Everything Changes is a perfect example of what a singer-songwriter album should be: songs with truths to tell, told sparely but with a great chorus, delivered passionately with intelligence and humour and never outstaying its welcome. As a songwriter and performer, Peggy positively relishes breaking taboos and going near the knuckle. Songs about life, death, sex, drug addiction and tragedy sit surprisingly comfortably alongside humour, irony and some lyrics discovered on the back of a public toilet door.

Despite the fact (or perhaps because) she is an older woman in world that doesn’t like its heroines to get old, she continues to innervate and experiment, delivering a supremely confident and contemporary album that echoes back across the years.

Remarkably, this is Peggy’s first solo album on which she has worked with co-writers and recorded with a band.  Produced by her son Calum MacColl (Ronan Keating, Eddi Reader), the album features musicians Simon Edwards (Talk Talk, Kirsty MacColl), James Hallawell (The Waterboys, David Gray), Martyn Barker (Shriekback, Goldfrapp) and Kate St John (Dream Academy, Nick Drake). Having found her voice at her mother’s knee, she’s never sounded more assured than she does here.

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