Vocal Exercises by Penni Harvey-Piper


Vocal Exercises by Penni Harvey-Piper (Released January 2015)


“Penni’s vocal exercises are second to none. They prepare your voice, maintain your voice and ensure that you are making the best possible sound.” IMELDA STAUNTON

Penni Harvey-Piper is one of the UK’s top vocal coaches.  For over 40 years she has taught professional actors, singers and dancers how to produce their voices and cope with punishing touring and performing schedules without losing or damaging their voices.

In this CD you will learn about support, breath and the end product of voice. With this knowledge and of course with practice you should be equipped to face the rigours of maybe 30 gigs in 36 days, 8 performances a week in musical theatre or any other vocal challenge you might meet. Remember – if you produce sound in the way that the body is designed to make sound, you should never have any problems. The first track is ‘how to sing’ and the following tracks are exercises, with a short description at the beginning of each.

Track Listing:

1.Introduction  2.Humming  3.With Words  4.Eee Crescendo to Ooh  5.Mamma Mia  6.Ver Ver Ver  7.Your Descending 8.Ugly To Beautiful  9.Descending Eee  10.Where Shall We Go  11.Loud/Soft Down The Scale  12.Oh No Oh No Oh No 13.Loud To Very Soft  14.Dancing Support  15.Arpeggios


“I do a vocal warm-up using Penni’s voice exercises before every performance in the theatre, whether a musical or straight play. They are indispensable.” SHEILA HANCOCK

“Penni’s coaching and encouragement helped me a great deal.
I recommend her CD to anyone wanting to discover or improve their vocal range.” JUNE WHITFIELD

“These exercises have been a huge technical & artistic help to me. They are honed from a deep knowledge of the finest standards of singing and vocal technique.” HENRY GOODMAN

“No airy fairy language, just explanations you can understand.
Penni taught me so much including how to sustain 8 shows a week giving your all.” RUTHIE HENSHALL

“Penni Harvey Piper teaches a lot of actors who haven’t sung before to sing. She’s very good at it.” JERRY HALL

Produced by Calum MacColl
Photography by Vicki Sharp Photography, www.vickisharpphotography.com Design by Simply Marvellous Music, www.simplymarvellousmusic.com


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