Broadcaster Folksploitation

Broadcaster has never been afraid to break musical boundaries or ignore genres. This is witnessed on his 2008 debut EP, Primary Transmission. Here he sampled the legendary 1960s BBC Radio Ballads series to give them a radical dance makeover.

Broadcaster – first album Folksploitation

Broadcaster’s back, pushing the boundaries once again with his first full-length album, Folksploitation. Features the unlikely juxtaposition of the vocals of folk icon Peggy Seeger and Broadcaster’s dub, hip hop, funk and techno beats. It turns the highly improbable into the possible, the traditional into the experimental and a conundrum into artistry.

Lead single First Time Ever sees Broadcaster working his magic on one of the best-known songs of all time. And the twist? The song was written by Ewan MacColl for the 21-year-old Peggy herself. Reinventing ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ was nothing if not challenging. The song has been covered by over 60 artists from Roberta Flack and Elvis, to Johnny Cash and Leona Lewis. Peggy herself has been singing it for over 50 years, and the thought of asking her to sing it in a different way was initially daunting. But she was open to new ideas and the result is nothing short of stunning.

Other tracks on the album include songs from early last century that tackle the still-contemporary topics of inner city violence and drugs. Others are just great danceable tracks that will hopefully make you smile!  All are given the Broadcaster treatment that takes them into a different realm.


What the critics say about Broadcaster . . .

“If we’re doing our job right then this should be played everywhere, all over Radio 1” Colin Murray, BBC Radio 1

“Could do for the English tradition what Moby’s ‘Play’ did for Alan Lomax’s American field recordings.”  Colin Irwin, The Guardian

“A startling and radical treatment – unexpectedly poignant.”  Robin Denselow, The Guardian (3 stars)

“Sounds like the escape committee from Fatboy Slim’s loft, Elvis and an angel.  Broadcaster has worked wonders.”   fRoots

“I think it’s brilliant.  All it needs is a radio network with the imagination to play it.” Gillian Anderson, Daily Telegraph

“A refreshing and vibrant reinterpretation that deserves plaudits as much for its achievement as a piece of work as for its audacity.”

“A post-war village meets an illegal rave in a field – and somehow it’s a perfect fit. If you want to encounter Nora Batty on an E, come on in.” Bearded Magazine

“It borders on genius.  It has the potential to become huge.” Hit Sheet Magazine

“Broadcaster amazed me, uplifted me and brought tears of sheer delight to my eyes.” Tony Bates, Highlands FM

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